Thursday, 11 February 2016

Babe Arrives

The welcoming committee!

Just off the trailer - quite a big girl (well, for us anyway!)

Checking out the hay from the back of the trailer

Late yesterday afternoon, Babe, a New Forest pony, safely arrived at the yard after travelling down from Oxfordshire.  She's come to us for hoof rehab - she's been a conservation pony for a long time now but became poorly before Christmas.  She had an abscess which a vet cut away the hoof to get to...followed by laminitis (triggered by drugs), followed by pedal bone rotation.  Recommended trimming made her even more sore.  Unfortunately all of this has meant that the conservation group had to come to the decision that Babe is no longer suitable to be on the reserves, so as soon as she was able to travel she's come to us for some barefoot rehab.  Ponies with conditions such as Babe are often "put to sleep" so we're really her last and best chance of getting well again and we'll do our best to help her.  The conservation group have been committed to finding the best outcome for Babe and have paid for her transport and for staff to travel down and stay with her for a couple of days.  She is now going to be owned by Nicole, who Babe already knows well, and who will be learning and taking part in her rehab...and the long term aim will be to find her a loan home...but we just need to take her rehab one day at a time for the moment...

We've set up the yard with lots of different surfaces for Babe, and Frodo's been in the front yard with her today keeping her company.  We need to thank the ladies at Naturally Animals again for donating herbs and tonics especially for Babe and helping with her recovery.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

New Arrivals

Jenny's had some new arrivals this week - 10 hens and a handsome cockerel who needed a new home - they are settling in to their huge 5* chicken house and in a week and a half they should be able to go out on the farm...mind you they'd probably prefer to do that without the 70mph winds and the hail storms we've had in the last couple of days!

If all's going well we should have a new arrival on our own on their way to us, journeying down the M4/M5 as I write this post...

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

...So You're Wild Then?

When the hedgehog arrived it really struck me how different the standards and experiences are for animals we describe as "wild".  Gill was clever enough to draw a picture which could be turned into a cartoon!  Somehow hedgehogs seem to have a much better deal...I suppose this is because they are without humans intent on making some sort of profit!


Anonymous Cilla said...

That's brilliant Gill! and so nice that Little Hedgehog's time with p4p had such an impact.
4 February 2016 at 17:34

 Blogger Vanessa Bee said...

That's a very lucky hedge pig! 

6 February 2016 at 10:36

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016


February brings a photo of Mr Bisto who is currently on loan (thanks to Rachel; and Jane Schofield!) to Barnaby and Jenny who kindly allowed us to use this photo in the calendar!

Bisto was one of the first ponies at Horseford Farm in the very early days of the p4p project.  His Mum, Girlie, was one of the original wild herd ponies - she had caught their attention in the herd field because she was heavily pregnant but, worryingly, was in extremely poor condition.  Very concerned for her, Paul and Cilla managed to bring her back to the farm.  The vet wasn't sure if Girlie would make it or not, but he was keen to try to save Girlie and the soon to be foal.  No sooner had all that happened, that Girlie gave birth to Bisto, a tiny but perfectly formed foal.  I've managed to find some photos from 2003 of the young Bisto.  Very cute!  Cilla sad that they all said "Ahhh!" when they first saw Girlie's foal and that's why he was called Bisto!

My how he's grown!!
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Monday, 1 February 2016

Goodbye Little Hedgehog

(Left - little hedgehog when she arrived, middle and right, little hedgehog during her rehab)

Very sadly we have to report that yesterday Little Hedgehog died in her sleep during hibernation...such a shame as she'd beaten all the infections and looked so well and been eating healthily before her first and second sessions hibernating.  So sad to find her's been suggested that her heart might have been weakened from her illness as she was likely ill for quite a long time before coming to find us.  As lots of people have said to us, "You can't win them all"...but as you know we try extremely hard for our animals to give them the best care possible and the best chance of can't help but get attached as you get to know them and their personalities and share their highs and lows and make everything better/OK for them.  She was such a brave little soul and very determined...goodbye Little Hedgehog.


Blogger Vanessa Bee said...
But you gave her great life while she was with you, in this weather it would have been such a miserable death outside.
6 February 2016 at 10:38

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

A HUGE Thank You!

We owe a HUGE thank you to Vanessa Bee, The Horse Agility Club and all the Horse Agility members across the world who between all their efforts have donated a cheque to People4ponies for £394 from their rosette amnesty!  Such an amazing amount!  Thank you so much everyone - as you know we are a small charity and none of us take a salary so the money you have raised goes directly on the ponies and our campaigning work...the money from all your rosettes will help us to care for and make a difference to wild and traumatised ponies...we really appreciate all your efforts and support!

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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Well Done Sara!

Sara's been an absolute star and has come to help Faye every day this week so far!  We really, really appreciate her help because Margaret's been out of action, and actually hasn't been well since before Christmas.  Sara's done lots of jobs to help us - helping with the mucking out, getting haynets ready for the ponies' snacks and dinner, moving a whole shipment of wood pellets (which we also need to thank Ted, Jenny, Roger and John for their help with as the delivery really didn't go to plan!), and making sure Topsy has her feeds of course!

There was snow on Dartmoor and Exmoor last week but none for was very cold earlier in the week and we had a nice frosty, sunny morning yesterday.  The ponies are still really enjoying trying all the lovely herbs they were donated last week - such a treat for them all!  We hope everyone can send some "get well soon" wishes to Margaret!  Hopefully she'll be back with us for Sunday morning!

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Naturally Animals Visit

We are so so grateful to Catherine and Holly from Naturally Animals who spent the most amazing day at People4ponies today...showing us and teaching us about essential oils, self selection, iridology and red light therapy...and the ponies have benefitted so much from their sessions!  We've all learnt so much that our brains are still whirling, taking in and processing all the information!!  
Munchie having an iridology session - iridology is something we
hadn't come across before but it's such a fascinating subject!

And the results of the iridology help to give an indication of
the sorts of herbs and essential oils that Munchie might self select
and find the most beneficial!

All our ponies at the yard and Munchkin had individual sessions...the ladies have been so incredibly generous...coming all the way from Surrey in a day to see us...and also donating their time, expertise, skills, knowledge and such an array of delicious herbs for our ponies!  We can't wait to put our newly found knowledge into practise!  We can't thank them enough!

If you'd like to find out more about their work, courses, and their amazing can find their website at:

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hibernation Has Begun!

Our lovely little hedgehog has started her hibernation!  Very cleverly knowing the cold weather was coming, she started her hibernation a couple of days ago, before we'd realised it was about to get really quite cold!  What a clever girl she is...obviously very in tune to the world around her.  She does weigh enough to hibernate and she still has snacks and water on offer for when she wakes up, which apparently they do every few days or if the hedgehog updates go a bit quiet it's because she's fast asleep...I think I'm quite jealous - how clever is she to sleep through the winter and wake up when the weather is better and spring arriving??!!!

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to Tiverton Free Spirits who last night presented People4ponies with a cheque for £200 - thank you so much everyone for your support, we really appreciate it!

We also owe huge thanks to the Gerrick Rose Animal Trust who have very kindly awarded the ponies a grant for this year - again we really can't thank them enough for their help!

THANK YOU EVERYONE!  It's such a good way to start the year and... 

...Next week the ponies are lucky enough to be having a "pampering session" courtesy of the lovely ladies at Naturally Animals so we look forward to posting about their visit!!  What an amazing start to 2016.

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