Monday, 22 September 2014

Topsy Serrapeptase Update

I thought this little video might help to show how much better Topsy is moving after taking the Serrapeptase supplement for her arthritis for a few weeks now. It's really made an amazing difference to her.  If you'd like to see her previous videos you can find them on this link 


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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ponies Or Racehorses?!

Margaret managed to catch the ponies' mid-day charge out to their greener pasture on the video's quite spectacular to watch!


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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Well Done Ponies!

We've received all of our Horse Agility results now...and well done to Rocky, Arthur and Frodo!

Arthur won 2nd place after scoring 98 out of 100 in his starter course and has already been promoted to the next level!

Frodo got 3rd place, scoring just behind Arthur!

Rocky's result from his course a couple of weeks ago gained him 2nd place in the First Level competition with 93 out of 100.  We let him down a bit on the video-ing and the course design on the Bronze Liberty level - his score should have been 97, but us humans lost him 9 points so it came out at 88 (sorry Rocky!!!!).

Very well done to all 3 ponies!

And...we must also take the opportunity to say thank you very much to all the Ebayers who bought items online last week - altogether the sale of rugs, clippers and jodphurs made a total of £181.20!

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Arthur's 7 Week Update

It was 7 weeks ago today that Arthur arrived with us and he's progressing so fast!  He was quite nervous when he arrived but Faye described him as being nervous on the outside but not on the inside...which might seem strange...but he's a confident chap really, he's just not had his confidence developed and sometimes he's probably just become more and more confused about things.  He wasn't keen on willingly letting you approach him on his right side in particular and he had been described as being difficult to catch.  He doesn't have any notches or brands.

Faye's been catching and headcollaring him out in the field at different times of day.  He's really taken to the Horse Agility obstacles and he's definitely a pony that likes to do things.  He will stand at the fence looking at the course because he wants to have a go.  He's entered into this month's Horse Agility Starter competition and although the deadline has already passed for the liberty we had a go at some of the obstacles, which really shows you how he's come on.  Look out for the sneaky glove pickpocketing on the hula hoop obstacle!!

Liberty Video

Starter Competition Entry

Thank you very much to Jenny for doing the videoing for us!

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Busy September Days!

It's such lovely weather at the moment.  We've been busy at the yard trying to get as many jobs done as possible whilst we're clinging on to the end of summer.  Arthur and Frodo have been doing their Horse Agility competition courses.  Arthur's coming on so well and has improved so much in such a short amount of time.

 Roger's helped us out by moving the muck heap and spreading it in the "non-pony fields" - it was quite a mountain so it's really made a difference.

The ponies are delighted because we've opened up a whole new area of field for them.  Topsy's been eating off the lushest bits for us first and now the boys are enjoying having a bigger area to move about in...and more grass!  They're being time restricted to make sure they get used to all the new grass gradually and then go back to their summer pasture.

We're selling some items that have been donated to us on Ebay at the moment - 5 rugs, a pair of clippers and a pair of jodphurs...there's a few days left yet but we've already raised over £100 with the bidding so thank you everyone!

...And we're currently in the production process of the 2015 P4P calendar!  More details on this once we have the finished design but they will be available at the same price as last year - £6.99, with all profits going to the ponies.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Our First Patron!

Vanessa Bee, Club Founder
Vanessa and her dog Kes
We have some exciting news because people4ponies now has its first patron - Vanessa Bee has kindly accepted our invitation and we are delighted! Vanessa has been such a support to p4p and has known us for many years.  She, and of course her partner Phillip, have helped with so many things... round-ups, pony transporting, morale(!) at times, and Vanessa donates all the course fees from the wild pony handling courses that she has run at p4p.  Vanessa founded Positive Horsemanship and The Horse Agility Club  - a new non-ridden sport which is taking off all over the world!  You can visit her website here:

There's lots going on at the moment so apologies for the delay in blogging...more news from the yard soon!

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

September's Calendar Photo

September's photo was taken in 2011 when Faye was involved with rehoming a herd of wild ponies from Dartmoor.  Quite a few of the foals and some of the adult ponies needed to be handled before they could go to their new homes at charities all the across the country.  The photo shows the moment of first interaction and contact with a wild foal - which is quite a contrast to the traditional moorland method of manhandling, physical restraint, grabbing around the neck and sometimes pulling by the tail!  It's a great photo because it absolutely captures the essence of what we do.  Lush used this photo on their Charity Pots of hand cream after they very kindly gave us a grant in 2012.

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Witheridge Car Boot Sale

Ponies early morning snoozing in the mud patch


Is this close enough to have my photo taken?? (says Arthur)

Lovely sunny start this morning...and it was an earlier start than usual as we were going to have a stall at the Witheridge car boot sale.  The ponies were still snoozing when Faye arrived, enjoying the warm sunshine.   Thank you to everyone at the sale for supporting us - we raised £79 for the ponies from the sales of our plants, jams, marmalades and tombola tickets!

A big thank you to Margaret who's been busy helping with extra sessions at the yard, making more jams, and who donated some new hay nets for the ponies this week (as well as doing the stall of course!)!  Jenny also donated more plants and had very kindly finished the last bit of mucking out that we hadn't quite managed before going to Witheridge!

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Frodo's August Calendar Photo

We hope you've all enjoyed Frodo's photo on the calendar this month!  It really seems to capture his personality...he could be described as a cheeky monkey!  He's a very clever chap and isn't nervous or frightened at all.  He has a multitude of of which is electric fence avoidance and he has a couple of different techniques for getting through them.  Frodo is a perfect mascot as he can cope well at busy events and he regularly takes part in the annual St John's Fair parade in Witheridge.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August Horse Agility

Over the last few days we've been working on our next Horse Agility entries.  We've decided to set up the course in the field - which makes life a lot easier as we don't have to keep putting the obstacles up and taking them down whenever we want to practice.  Peter's been practising obstacles with Frodo - with best behaviour and no biting etc.  Arthur's had his first walk around the course and has completed some of the easier obstacles.  Rocky's on a higher level and has the soonest deadline so he has already completed his submissions on the First Level and the Liberty course.  Thank you to Peter and Margaret for filming!  The deadline for the other ponies is mid-September so we have a little while yet...

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